jaejoong doing the ice bucket challenge (x)

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My dear, this is my story. I just want you to listen.
If I turn around, pretending not to know
I hear whispers
If I smile, pretending to like it
They look down on me again - 歌人

'One Mic' Backstage - 2AM

40,000 Dedication Post - The People I ♥

40,000 Dedication Post - The People I

Make me choose (and I’ll make a gifset)

Member: _____ or _____

Ship: _____ or _____

Personality: _____ or _____ for member _____

Looks: _____ or _____ for member _____

Music video: _____ or _____

Live performance: _____ or _____

Era: _____ or _____

When we worked together in the past Yunho once suffered from dehydration and I was worried about [him] shooting in heat… Yunho yah, How are you? I’m doing fine.It will be your first historical, it will be hard. You will have a lot of outside scenes. You won’t have time, so CG process will be tight… also you will need to learn martial arts. So you will get tired physically and it will be hot so drink a lot of water. Working hard is a good thing; however, think about your body and take care of yourself while your filming. Jung Yunho will do well. Yunho yah fighting!

140731 Jaejoong’s message to Yunho about his new drama Night Watchman

"윤호야, 잘 지내니? 첫 사극 힘들텐데…" (Yunho yah, how are you? I am fine…) trans

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I received a lot of questions about this. Truthfully, I haven’t watched “Triangle”. I was overseas most of the time so I didn’t have the chance to watch it in detail. But when I returned to the country, I watched it a bit and I liked seeing how (he) worked hard. I’m thankful that it will make a good impact on Night Watchman as well.

Yunho when asked about Jaejoong’s work in Triangle.

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Jaejoong | ‘Back Seat’ MV

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